The G5’s short video platform will overcome the shortage of hippie ticks

As many as 59 Chinese apps were banned in India on Monday, with the most popular app being Tiktok being banned, increasing opportunities for developers in the Indian market, each providing their own short video app instead of Tiktok. Following the success of the Mitron and Shrimp applications, the G5 is now preparing to enter this race. Yes, the G5 has announced that it will soon launch a small video platform in India called Hippie. The company said the new platform was built under ‘Swanirvar Bharat’, which will provide an Indian platform for Indian content creators.

The G5’s new HPI platform will be launched before July 15 with access to the G5 July app.

Not too much information has been shared about this new application. However, the shared screenshot suggests that registration will be required to use this new platform, after which users will be able to watch and share the video. Assuming that the new G5 platform is slightly different from the Chinese platform, the Chinese app does not require any registration or sign-in to view the video uploaded by TickTock users. The video can be viewed on Tickettal without creating an account.

Hype’s entry comes at an interesting time, when the Indian government has released 59 Chinese apps in India, including TickTalk. Bain Have done. Hype could be a new option for those looking for an alternative to tick in such situations. Although Hypai is not the only platform that can fill the gap of ticketlock in India, there are many apps before this platform which are proving to be quite successful as an alternative to ticketlock. Such as say India, Shrimp, Maitron and Ropso app.

G Entertainment Enterprises G5 already has a demand for 1.25 million hours of video, with more than 100 live TV channels. The app still competed with apps like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Sunlive, like the OTT platform, but now allows users to create their own short videos by accessing short video platforms, after which the app will now compete on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Recently G5 Geo Fiber, Airtel and Vodafone Idea have offered free Z5 for customers. Access Provided. Also, G5 Kids recently provided more than 4,000 free content for kids on its platform, which supports 9 languages.

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