The Gmail Go app, available for download on the Google Play Store, will reduce data costs

Following in the footsteps of Android Orio (Go version), Google has released the Gmail Go app for download. This app will work with devices running Android 8.1 Orio. His Google Play Store And can be downloaded from the APK Store. Let us know that Google has previously come up with various ‘Go’ applications including Files Go, Gordar Go, Google Go, Maps Go and YouTube Go. With this app you can not only use the basic features of Gmail, it will also make it easier to run multiple accounts with other non-Gmail outlook, Yahoo.

The APL file size of the Gmail Go application is much smaller than that of the regular Gmail app. This file is only 9.51 MB as compared to the current version (20.66 MB). Due to its small size, it takes up less space in the installation. The regular app takes up up to 47MB of space, this version only takes up 25MB of storage. In addition to its lightweight build, it gives you an advanced inbox feature, so that social and promotional email are split separately. This will allow you to prioritize the required messages.

The application is also equipped with features like group email, POP3 and Exchange account for conversion. Google has also added options like swipe action and sender images to the conversion list. Its interface is very similar to the existing Gmail app, but it looks a bit different in the user profile section. This application automatically blocks spam with user protection in mind. You can mark a message separately in a spam. You can also split emails into labels to suit your needs. You can also get important mail notifications through the app. Marking these promotions and social mails will not appear in these notifications.

Overall, Google’s new Gmail Go app is on par with the current version. However, there were some issues when we run it on Pixel 2 XL running on Android 8.1. Perhaps there are some bugs and fixes around this release. Obviously, the purpose of this GML application is to provide the user with the features of the existing Gmail app by spending less GP and data. You can go to the Play Store and try the new Gmail Go app. Remember, your phone must be running on Android 8.1. New application key APK file APK can also be downloaded through the mirror.

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