The Google Duo app will now allow users to send video voicemail

The Google Duo video calling app has a useful feature. This will allow users to communicate with people who are not currently available. The video calling app has a new video message feature. Users can now leave the video voicemail if they do not take video calls. This means that if you call someone through the Duo app and they don’t respond, you’ll have the option to send a video message. Google says that if for some reason a person doesn’t receive your call, you can send up to 30 seconds of video messages so they can watch later.

The video message feature is being rolled out for Android smartphones and iPhones. Hopefully it will be available worldwide soon. Google Blog Post Wrote, “Sometimes your mom isn’t available for a video call at a certain time. It’s also possible that you want to talk to your friend about the victory of your favorite basketball team, but you can’t talk.” Although these people can be contacted. No, don’t be discouraged, with Google Doo you will be able to send video messages to these people. “

It should be noted that these video clips will be automatically deleted by the user within 24 hours of their viewing. However, the user will be able to download the video message before deleting it. In addition, the message is fully encrypted like a duo call.

Video messages can be played by tapping the sender icon on both apps. In addition to these, instant call backs can also be made via the “Call Now” button. This button appears after watching the video.

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