The Google Duo mobile app has got the invite link feature for group video calls

Google Duo has finally got an inviting link feature like Zoom that was released last month. This feature allows Google Duo users to send a link to another member as part of a video call, such as Zoom and Google Meet. This feature has been released via a server-side update, which currently only works on mobile applications. Web users will have to wait a little longer for this. The invite link feature not only works to add other members to group calls, but also makes this mobile phone-friendly app extremely attractive at a time when reliance on video calling has increased.

Its invite link feature Announcement Google did in May. Now this feature has been released for mobile applications and may soon be rolled out to web clients as well. This is a way to simplify Google’s group video calling feature, so that users can share links and share this group video call with others.

First, information about these features Android Police And has also been independently investigated by Gadgets 360.

To get the link, you first need to create a group in your Google Duo app, then you will see the link at the top left. You can share this link with people who want to be part of your video call. Also, if the group is already formed, you will find this link by clicking on the ‘Share’ icon at the top. If the call is in progress, you’ll find the ‘Share’ option in all three docks.

Significantly, the Invite Link feature currently only works on Android and iOS. However, according to a report from 9to5Google, Chromebook users will also be able to use this link’s invoicing feature.

Let me tell you, last month Google announced that the number of members in Google Dove’s group video calls would be increased to 32, currently it is limited to only 12 numbers.

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