The Google Pay app has lost accounts, many users complained

Google Pay users are facing unexpected problems in India. Many Google Pay users have complained about the sudden disappearance of their bank account from the app, which prevents users from making any transactions. Users say their bank account has disappeared from their profile in the app. The issue has not been widely reported, but social media platforms seem to have the problem among many users. Google Pay is the most widely used payment app in India. As of September last year, Google Pay had more than 70 million active users in India. In addition, Google Pay is considered to be the most helpful app for promoting UPI based digital payments in India.

According to a report from users on Twitter, the Google Pay app has suddenly lost users’ bank account details and the app is not even allowing users to activate their bank accounts. Many users have also reported that instead of displaying a list of banks when adding a bank account, the app is giving them the option of simply State Bank of India Bank.

It is unknown at this time whether this issue is only coming to the Android version of Google Pay or whether it has affected iPhone users as well. Not all user gadgets 360 teams have encountered this problem. However, similar problems have been noticed in the Google Pay account of some users of the team. Let us know that in September last year, Google Pay Phonia surpassed 67 million by monthly active users.

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