The Google Phone app is now available for non-Pixel phones as well

The Google Phone app, which is pre-installed on Google Pixel series smartphones and Android One devices. Many users want to install this Google app on their device but can’t. Because Google designed this application especially for Google devices. If non-Google smartphone users go to the Google Play Store on their device and search for this phone app, they won’t find anything. But now it seems that the Google Phone Public Beta app has also been made available for devices without pixels.

The Google Phone app is currently available for download on the Google Play Store, but many devices are still unable to find it in their Play Store. XDA developers Emphasize that Samsung And Onepolus Device users are unable to search the Google Phone app in the Play Store. Although, Asus Zenfone 6 Users working on ZenUI Claim Was he able to use the Google Phone app on his smartphone?

Google phone app too Find Oppo X2 Pro And LG V60 The device is also working. The XDA developers also tested the Google Phone app code and found that the new app needed a dialer library on the phone. Which is not present in Samsung and OnePlus devices, then in such a situation may be the main reason why the Google Phone app is not available in the Play Store of these devices.

If you want to use the Google Phone app and find out if your phone qualifies for it, you can Play Store Go to this app and search. At the moment, we don’t know if Google launched this app for all apps or if it accidentally popped up in the Play Store.

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