The Google Pixel 5 will launch in August with the Snapdragon 765G processor!

The Google Pixel 5A smartphone could be launched next month in the frame time of the Google Pixel 4A. This affordable model can come with 5G support, which will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor like the Google Pixel 4A. In addition to 5G support, this affordable next-generation Pixel model could also be equipped with some modifications. According to the latest report, the Google Pixel 5A phone is listed on the FCC website along with two models. It is believed that one of these models could be a North American variant, the other could be introduced in another country.

Tipstar @ cstark27 made the first FCC list on the Google Pixel 5 Spot After which the information was posted on Twitter. The phone on the Google Pixel 5 is listed on the FCC ID A4RG4S1M with the last two models listed as G1F8F, GR0M2 and G4S1M. The G1F8F model is listed with the FCC ID A4RG1F8F. It is said about these models that they will be the same, only network band support can be different. One model in particular would support CDMA in the U.S. region, while CDMA does not.

However, the FCC list does not disclose any information other than these. An earlier report had claimed that the Google Pixel 5 could be known as ‘Barbet’ and that it was similar to most last year. Pixel 5 And Pixel 4 to 5G The handset is expected to be similar. However, Google has not yet confirmed whether it will launch the phone in India. The report claims that it appeared on the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) list, indicating its introduction to India.

The Google Pixel 5 smartphone could be launched in August, Google Pixel 6 And Google Pixel 6 Pro It is expected to launch in October. It is said that these two smartphones will be flagship level phones, which will be equipped with Google’s own chipset. It will work on Android 12 and can be given a 50-megapixel primary camera. The triple rear camera setup will be present in the Google Pixel 6 Pro, while the Pixel 6 may come with a dual camera.

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