The government’s ‘challenge’, create apps like Zoom and get Rs 1 crore

The central government has launched an ‘app challenge’. The prize money of the challenge is 1 crore rupees. The government’s challenge is for Indian companies to create a video conferencing application that could be an alternative to popular applications like Zoom. Let us know that this application challenge has been launched at a time when the popular video conferencing application is in question due to zoom protection. This challenge has been introduced as an “Innovative Challenge for the Development of Video Conferencing Solutions”. India is facing a lockdown right now, so working from home has become a necessity for billions of people. Working from home means a lot of information is being exchanged online, so it’s important to think about privacy and security.

This is for application development programs Registration It has already started on 13th April, and its last date is 30th April. The video conferencing app should work on any type of device. This application should be able to provide its benefits in the worst network areas. In addition to these, there should be encrypted communication and the use of the application should also reduce the power consumption.

The government will announce the results of this application challenge on July 29. The winning team will be awarded Rs 1 crore. At the same time, this application will be certified by the Minister of Electronics and Information Technology.

Let me tell you, last week, the government issued an advisory against the Zoom app. The Home Ministry’s Cyber ​​Coordinating Center (Sycord) said the application should not be used by government officials for security reasons. Earlier, India’s nodal agency CERT-In, which looks at cyber-security threats, also warned that the Zoom video conferencing app is at risk of cyber-attacks. In addition, some companies, such as Google and Standard Chartered, have advised their employees not to use the Zoom app. The US Senate has also advised its members to avoid this app.

In India, most people are forced to work from home due to the corona virus lockdown. In such a situation, the popularity of the zoom app has increased. Many high courts use the emergency application for necessary hearings. Not only that, even the country’s defense minister has been seen using this app.

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