The Healthy Bridge app will be available for Geo phones soon

To prevent COVID-19 epidemic infections, the government has launched a cure bridge application, which allows you to identify and keep away from people infected with the virus. But after smartphone users, the government is now making sure that other landline and feature phone subscribers can make full use of the app. Recently, the government has issued a toll free number for landline and feature phone users, on the basis of which users have provided this facility for self-testing of coronavirus infection. Now the government is going to take the next step in this step, this step will roll out the healing bridge application for Reliance Geo phones. Government officials say the move will further expand the scope of the application.

India is one of the countries that has declared the largest lockdown in the country to fight the coronavirus epidemic. In addition to the lockdown to protect citizens, the government last month launched a healing bridge application Get started Kia, which is a Bluetooth and GPS based app. It helps people identify positive people infected with the corona virus and keep distance from them.

We tell you, this app launched by the government was released for 500 million smartphone users in India, but so far 90 million smartphone users have launched it on their phones. Download In addition to these, 400 million people in India use feature phones which do not come under this app.

1 crore in the next day Arogya Bridge application Live phone Rollout will be done for users. The Jio phone costs Rs 1,200, which is an internet-enabled feature phone. This phone works on an operating system called QOS.

This feature phone was launched by Reliance Industries in 2017 and has 4G support. Users can also use applications like Facebook and WhatsApp on this phone.

The use of tracing applications, such as the Cure Bridge app, speeds up the process of detecting, testing, and keeping people infected.

Apart from these, as we mentioned earlier, the government has also issued toll free numbers. Currently the government has launched a toll-free service under the Arogya Bridge Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS). In this service, citizens have to make a missed call to the toll free number, this number is ‘1921’. After making a missed call to this number, you will receive a call back, inputs related to your health will be taken in this call. If these are the same questions asked in their cure bridge application, based on the answer to this question, you will be alerted to whether you are at risk for the coronavirus.

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