The Indian government has again cracked down on Chinese apps, banning 47 apps

The Indian government last month banned 59 Chinese apps in India, including TikTok. The reason given was that the banned app shared data of Indian users with China. However, the issue has not stopped even after 59 apps were banned. Now, the Indian government has again banned 47 Chinese apps in India, the report said. Media reports say that these apps were clones of previously banned apps, which is why the government has now taken action on these apps as well. Currently, the names of these 47 apps have not been released and no official statement has been issued by the Government of India. It is hoped that soon the government will issue a notification to the public.

As we have said, the issue of banning apps does not stop here. Soon after the 47-app ban, the government is preparing to take over other Chinese apps as well. This list of apps includes many popular apps and games. Of the Economic Times Report According to the government, the government is monitoring 2,275 Chinese applications, which are being investigated for breaches of national security and user privacy. The list of these apps includes the popular game PUBGO.

The apps being reviewed have been accused of sharing Indian users’ data with China, the report said. We are currently investigating this and based on this review, the next list will be prepared.

Notably, at the end of June last month, the Indian government, in addition to Tiktok, had 58 Chinese applications in India. Bain Announced, including ShareIT, UC Browser, Shine, Club Factory, Class of King, Hello, MI Community, Camscanner, ES File Explorer, Vimet. The government claims that all of these applications were involved in activities that could threaten the country’s sovereignty and integrity, national security, state security and public order. The government banned 59 apps because of data protection and user privacy. Other bans will be announced in late July.

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