The Lara Croft Go mobile game is now available for free at Rs 520

The whole world is suffering from the coronavirus epidemic at this time. Not only India is locked down, at the moment people all over the world are working from home and not trying to get out of the house. Governments of all countries are urging their people not to leave their homes. All government and non-government organizations are motivating their employees to work from home. In such a situation, some organizations are offering free or limited time benefits to save people from indifference. Yesterday, we informed you that the developers of ‘Osto Games’ have released their very popular game Monument Valley 2, which usually costs Rs.400 and now a big gaming company called ‘Square Enix’ has launched a mobile game ‘Lara Croft Go’ available for free. Done.

Square Enix via his Twitter account Announced Says that one of its most popular and best mobile games ‘Lara Croft Go’ game is absolutely free to download and install from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Please note that it usually costs Rs 520 in Google Play Store. According to the company’s tweet, the game will be available for free until April 2. The agency says it made the decision to encourage people to continue working from home.

We tested this game on Google Play Store and Apple App Store in India and found that Lara Croft Go mobile game can also be downloaded for free in India. Lara Croft Go was launched in April 2015 and is one of the best puzzle games. In Lara Croft Go, players have to solve 115 puzzles, which are divided into seven chapters. There are many dangerous traps in the game, which must be avoided in order to move forward. In it, you also need to look for some printed items at each stage.

If you are a fan of Tomb Raider games or like the Lara Croft character, you will definitely like this game. The game is priced at Rs 520, so we would definitely recommend to give it a try and request to stay at home during lockdown.

Currently, a puzzle game called Monument Valley 2 is also available on the Google Play Store. Available for free , Which costs 400 rupees. These are very interesting puzzle games. Not only that, Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure games are also completely free to download and play on iOS and MacOS for a limited time.

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