The Like app has shut down its services in India, the company said in a statement regarding the ban

Centrally banned apps have been removed from Google Play and the App Store. This list also includes a like app. Which is no longer available from Google Play and the App Store. On Thursday, BIGO Technology PT Ltd, the parent company of Laiki, issued a press release confirming the official removal of the app. However, the agency said it was working with local government officials in accordance with local law.

In a statement, BIGO Technology said, “We respect the order of the Government of India and in view of this we have temporarily removed the Like app from Google Play and App Store. We will suspend its service in India until further clarification.”

The company added that it would follow local laws and ensure the privacy and data protection of thousands of users of the app in India. The company said that Like The application’s research and development team worked 24 hours to keep the service closed.

Let me tell you, the Government of India has 59 apps on the night of June 29th Bain The government said in a statement that the apps were implemented under Section AAA of the Information Technology Act and the Ministry of Information Technology (Procedure and Protection of Information Access Blocking by the Public) Rules 2009 and 2009. Considering the nature of the threat, 59 apps have been banned. According to the information received, these apps were engaged in some activities which could pose a threat to India’s sovereignty and integrity, India’s defense, state security and public order.

The Lai app was launched in July 2017 and the app works in 180 countries. According to the company, the Like app has received 400 million downloads in India.

Like TickTock, this app is also a short video mobile app, on top of which people can view and upload short video content. Specifically, it has been identified as a video editing and creation tool, with over 1000 video effects. In addition to these, the Like app supports 15 languages ​​in India.

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