The Maitron app may return to Google Play, with no entry for ‘Remove China Apps’

The Maitron app, which gained a reputation as the Indian version of TickTock, was suddenly rebuilt from Google Play to Google Play. But now the news is that this app can hit the entry in Google Play again. In fact, Google Friends has given the app developer some tips for resolving issues that violate technical policies. Let me tell you, before it was removed by Google, this app gained a lot of popularity on Google Play in less than a month, you can estimate that this app has 5 million downloads on smartphones. Like the Friends app, Google recently redesigned the “Remove China” app from the Play Store, which helps you delete Chinese apps from your Android device.

Without naming the Mitron app, Samir Samat, vice president of Android and Google Pell, posted his blog. Post Informs that his team is working intensively to resolve developers issues and resubmit their apps to Google Play.

Samat said in a blog post, “We’ve given developers guidelines, fix the issues once. The app can then return to Google Play.”

I tell you, recently the Friends app from Google Play Removal Is given. Google has removed it from its platform in violation of the ‘Spam and Minimum Effectiveness’ policy. Google Policy According to, copying content from another app without any major changes is a violation of Google’s rules. The policy states that applications that already provide users with an app-like experience will be allowed on Google Play. The app should provide a better user experience through its unique content and services

It is also important to note that the Friends app is very similar to TickTock in terms of usage. But the reason it gained so much popularity in such a short time is that in this application you would have had the same experience with Tiktok. Tiktok hit people’s targets due to a lot of controversy, which is why people started uninstalling it with low ratings.

Initial reports said that the Friends app was the Indian version of TickTalk, but later, Clear This could be an application source code purchased from Cuboxas, a software developer in Pakistan.

There is no comfort for the makers of China App Remove?

Remove China Apps from Google Play on Wednesday after the Micron app Removal Is given. This is because of the misleading code of conduct, the fraudulent code of conduct. According to Google, no app can encourage users to remove third-party apps, which is why this app has been suspended. The Remove China app was created for the purpose of allowing users to uninstall China-made apps from their Android smartphones.

It turns out that ‘Removed China Apps’ will not find a place on the Google Play platform again. Samat made it clear in his blog post that when an app targets another app, it is against their community and customers.

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