The Ministry of Health’s Twitter partnership to answer questions about COVID-19

The Union Ministry of Health has launched a dedicated account in collaboration with Twitter to answer questions from Indian Twitter users about COVID-19. A new Twitter account has been launched with the CVVD India service handle operated on Twitter’s ‘Twitter Service Platform’. Explain that this platform uses a live query troubleshooting service so that people can answer their questions directly by tweeting @CovidIndiaSeva. This account description reads “Official @ MoFW_INDIA Handle for COVID-19 Response”. Twitter said the service would enable it to communicate effectively with the public during the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic.

People in India @ Kovid Indiaaseva Handles can tweet for guidance on steps to be taken if they have COVID-19 symptoms. In addition, more information can be found on healthcare access, government-implemented measures, and more. According to Twitter, people will only get answers to broad questions, which means individual questions will not be addressed through the new service.

Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan tweeted about the inauguration Wrote, (Translation) “Experts will share official public health information on #CVD-19, this handle will help create a direct means of communication with Indian citizens. Post questions by promoting up!”

Twitter is answering users’ questions. NDTV journalist Akhilesh Sharma Ask“The most serious question in everyone’s mind is, are we doing enough testing?” What about rapid antibody-based blood tests for areas affected by COVID? “

Answer to the question: Kovid Indiaaseva The answer Dia, (translation) “Currently, 204 government laboratories and 6 private laboratories, approved by NABL, are involved in chain testing. The number of collection centers has also been increased to 16,000 centers in India. We have already tested 4,05,320 people.”

Twitter India is working with various state governments across the country to improve Covid-19 response management. “It has supported the governments of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh in setting up a dedicated COVID-response account.

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