The Mitron app returns to Google Play

The Mitron app is again available on Google Play. This short video platform, which had the right tickling feel, was recreated from Google Play. The reason was a violation of the Google Play policy by the application. Google said the application violated the ‘spam and minimum functionality’ policy, but news came soon after the app was removed that Google was working with the app developers to resolve the app’s issues. The app returned to Google Play the day after the news came out. Let me tell you, before Google was removed, the app was very popular, with over 5 million people downloading the app to their smartphones.

Maitron app again on Google Play List Done. The app describes itself as a short video app, a Bangalore-based social media platform. The user interface of this application is a lot like a tick.

Let me tell you, on June 2nd, Google launched the Friends app from Google Play Removal Given. According to Google’s policy, copying content from another app without any major changes is a violation of Google’s rules. The policy states, “We do not already provide users with an experience similar to that of apps on Google Play.” “Applications should provide users with a better experience through their unique content and services.”

Without naming the Maitron app this week, Samir Samat, vice president of Android and Google Pell, revealed in his blog post that his team is working hard to solve developers’ problems on Google Play the day after the submission, the app is back on Google Play.

Notably, the Friends app was launched on Google Play 2 months ago. Meanwhile, anti-China and anti-Tiktok ideas began to emerge in the country, which directly benefited the application. People started downloading this app after uninstalling TickTock, but recently, a major flaw in the Friends app has been revealed, which allows hackers to give access messages to anyone in any user’s account. However, due to this lack, hackers cannot get the user’s personal details like email id etc. At the moment, it is not yet clear if the developers have fixed the problem.

The only change seen in the official changelog of this app on Google Play is the mention of UX (user experience). After the Friends app returned to Google Play, recently removed China apps are still missing from Google Play.

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