The most important feature of WhatsApp is that the message will disappear automatically

WhatsApp has officially launched its new ‘Invisible Message’ feature update, which will be launched worldwide this month. However, information about the new feature was also published through the FAQ page last week. This much-awaited feature was first revealed by Snapchat, but since then it is now set to launch on WhatsApp. This feature was spotted in the beta version of WhatsApp last month. This feature gives users the option to automatically delete a message in a private chat or group after 7 days.

‘Invisible Message’ feature from today To roll Done and will be available later this month on Android, iOS and Linux based QOS as well as WhatsApp web and desktop platforms. WhatsApp recently supported it Page However, published FAQs revealed how to enable and disable this new messenger feature on different devices.

The invisible message feature found on WhatsApp is different from working on Telegram from Telegram users get the facility to fix the duration of missing messages in the chat, but the message sent on WhatsApp disappears day after day. Snapchat, on the other hand, deletes the snap after it has been opened, in the group, the non-empty snap is deleted within 24 hours and the remaining continuous snap is deleted within 30 days.

The frustrating messaging feature needs to be enabled separately for all private or group chats that you can access by clicking on any chat or group WhatsApp chat. Once the feature is enabled, the new message sent to the chat selected by the user will automatically disappear from the chat after a day However, the sent message may appear in the preview notification until the message is opened. Replying to the sent message will also be a seven-day chat.

If you send a mess message, the recipient can take a screenshot of the message or copy or save it before it disappears.

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