The music of the Android smartphone will be controlled from the computer, Microsoft is testing the feature

Microsoft is testing a new feature that allows Android users to control the music on their smartphone via a Windows 10 computer. Users will be able to access and control the music of their Android smartphone directly from the computer via your phone app. At the moment, this feature is limited to ‘your phone app’ working in the latest window build, on the other hand Microsoft has announced that gradually your phone app will be brought to version 1.20041.82 and above. Your phone app has been developed by Microsoft for Windows 10, so it can be connected to Android devices. With this app, not only music but also phone calls and photos can be accessed on the computer.

There is Microsoft Blog The post states that users can play, play, pause and change music on their smartphone’s audio app through this app. Music apps that can control your phone desktop app include Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, YouTube Music, Xiaomi Music, and Google Podcast. Your phone will appear in the app on your computer by default.

Microsoft has made it clear that this feature will only be available on computers that are updated after October 10, 2018. In addition to these, your Android phone works on Android at Nugget or above.

Microsoft made it clear in its blog post that they noticed some problems while testing the music control feature in your phone app, which is as follows:

1. Some audio applications support the previous track, some rewind the tracks.

2. At this time, YouTube videos and audio are not supported in this feature.

Significantly, earlier this month, Microsoft launched a new feature in your phone desktop application. Features Added to this, Samsung users can drag the file from their phone’s Windows 10 computer with the help of Wi-Fi. However, again this feature was only available for Windows built-in build users.

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