The notification-related work feature came on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has come up with a new feature for Android users. One feature has arrived as a new beta update, another feature has been released in the public version. The app adds a high-priority notification feature, which allows users to better manage push notifications. This feature is very similar to WhatsApp’s ‘Pinned Chat’ released last year. Let us know that these two features are newer than the other features of the recently launched WhatsApp.

Explain this feature first Wabtinfo WhatsApp appears to have released a high-priority notification feature for the Android Beta tester. When a user enables this, incoming notifications can be pinned to the Notification Center. The option can also be used in private or group chat. Gadgets 360 investigated this and found that the feature was working on version 2.18.117 of WhatsApp.

For high-priority notifications you need to go to the Notifications Settings menu. If you have another app with the same feature on your smartphone, a notification will be published in time. Removed admin now new features. In fact, this feature was also seen by the WABTphone.

This Features This allows you to remove the WhatsApp admin from ‘admin’. Earlier the group admin had to be removed from the rest of the admin. Now any user will have this right. WhatsApp has released this feature for Android app in version 2.18.116. However, it is also working on the new Android beta app. The feature will be available in iOS (2.18.41) and web (2.18.116) versions.

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