The omission of Facebook has affected millions of Instagram users

Facebook is again surrounded by questions about users’ privacy. Information has come up about an important issue related to Facebook-owned Instagram. Facebook reported on Thursday that the passwords of millions of Instagram users had been stored on internal servers without being encrypted. Facebook has shared information about Instagram passwords in blog posts.

Blog post In the company we wrote that we saw that logs were saved in a redirect format in addition to the Instagram password. Now we can estimate that millions of Instagram users have been affected by this problem.

Facebook stated that we are informing users that during the investigation we determined that the stored passwords were not accessed internally or improperly. Last month, the company revealed that encrypted passwords for thousands of users had been saved. According to the company, the number of Instagram users at the time was a few thousand, but this number is much higher than previously estimated.

Facebook has also been the subject of controversy over user privacy. It was revealed last year that political consultancy Cambridge Analytica had stolen the Facebook data of about ৮ 87 million users. Even then, Facebook took drastic steps regarding data operations, such as removing data-sharing partnerships with outside companies.

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