The owner of the company along with bitcoin worth about Rs 26,700 crore also went missing, find out the whole thing

AfricaCrypt, a cryptocurrency investment firm in South Africa, is under global scrutiny because সংস্থা 3.6 billion (approximately Rs 2,700 crore) of bitcoin has gone missing from the company. Even more tragic is the fact that the two brothers – who run the firm – CEO Rais Kazi and COO Amir Kazi – did not know their names. It started two months ago, when the brothers claimed the firm had been hacked, forcing them to stop working.

The brothers then forbade cryptocurrency investors to report the matter to the police, saying that if anyone did so, the company’s wallet could jeopardize .6 3.6 billion in digital currency. The company’s website is also not running.

One from Bloomberg Report According to the report, the calls of both the brothers are being forwarded in voice mail. A group of about 20 people has appointed a law firm and South African courts have ordered the temporary reduction of that body. The company was started two years ago and initially it gives huge returns to investors

Register Report According to the report, the whereabouts of 21-year-old Rais and 1-year-old Amir were not known but they have until July to appeal against the order. The investors were last contacted on April 13 on behalf of the two brothers. They said they did not know if the “customer information” attack was compromising. However, they promised that they would notify all investors if they were able to recover “stolen funds or compromised information”.

Meanwhile, their cousin and former co-director of AfricaCapt, Zakira Laher, has had to deal with the shock of phone calls from the media and police to investors. Business Insider Accordingly, He said he did not know where the two brothers were and he was afraid for the safety of his family.

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