The Paytm First Games app returns to Google Play two weeks later, but …

Two weeks after its removal from Google Play, the Paytm First Games app, along with the Paytm app, has been reintroduced. Although the Paytm app was returned to Google Play on the same day, it has undergone significant changes before the return of Paytm First Games. When removing the Paytm app and Paytm First Games app from the Play Store, Google stated that their policy does not allow any kind of casino or support any controlled gambling app that provides sports betting. Huh.

Paytm First Games does not require any real cash with a return to Google Play, but has a bonus account that adds bonuses to previous bids. However, it differs from the old Paytm First Games app in Google Play, which includes real cash transactions to play fantasy games.

Gadgets336060 contacted both Google and Paytm on Tuesday, but neither company has made an official statement at this time. However, publish the blog on Wednesday Post The Paytm First Games app has been announced on Google Play.

Significantly, the Noida-based company that owns One97 Communications says it has brought the app back with the help of Free Fantasy Sports, while the Pro version of the app can be downloaded directly through the Paytm First Games website. The Pro version of the app is similar to the first version of the Paytm First Games app on Google Play, so you can add real cash via UPI, cards and netbanking. However, this feature is no longer available in the new version of Google Play.

We tell you, on September 18, Google launched Paytm and Paytm First Games application from Google Play Removal Is given. The company did not initially explain why the app was removed from Google Play, although the company later confirmed that the reason behind the removal was jubbling, a Google Play policy violation. But a few hours later, Paytm returned to Google Play.

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