The price of these models of Shaomi MI and Redmi TV has gone up to Rs 2,000, find out the new prices

In India, the prices of Shiomi MI and Redmi TV have gone up. The company has implemented the price increase of this TV from July 1. Noting the lack of global supply chain, the company has increased the prices of these products by 3 to 6 percent. However, the price of the smartphone has not increased. However, a few days ago, the company increased the price of its popular smartphone. The company’s rivals Realme and Vivo have also raised the prices of some of their smartphones in the past.

A spokesman for Xiaomi told Gadgets3360, “The company has seen a supply chain downturn over the past year, which has led to the use of smartphones, smart TVs and other electronics (including chipsets, display panels, display drivers, back panels and batteries). While its price has become a steady upward movement with an unprecedented increase in shipping charges it has affected almost all technology players including us While we have tried to keep rising costs low, some of our products have increased the mandatory 3-6 percent increase in our smart TVs from July 1. Done.

At the moment it is not clear which M and Redmi TV models are being priced. The company also did not provide any details about the price that customers will get as a result of this change.
That being said, 91 mobiles have reported that the MI TV and Redmi TV series have at least 10 models whose prices have already been increased. These price ranges range from Rs 500-2,000 depending on the model.

Horizon version 32 on Mi TV 4 The price has been increased by Rs 500 per inch, while Rs 600 per inch. Horizon version 43 on Mi TV 4 Inches, Horizon version of MI TV 4 is 40 inchesHandjob MI TV 4 x 43 inches And Redmi TV 65 inches The price of one thousand rupees has been increased to 500 rupees. In contrast The Horizon version on the Mi TV 4 is 43 inchesHandjob M TV 4 x 55 inchesHandjob Redmi TV 50 inchesHandjob Redmi TV 55 inches And MI TV QLED 55 An inch has increased by two thousand rupees. Prices are currently changing site But visible.

Earlier this year, Xiaomi raised the price of its MI TV 4A Pro, MI TV 4X and MI TV Horizon version models to Rs 3,000. Xiaomi told Nilkantan Gadgets, the top warlord in India’s MI TVs, at 36060 times that the main reason for the price was the increase in the price of open cell panels used by TV makers worldwide.

There is also Shaomi Last month Redmi Note 10 The price was increased by Rs. Which was later increased by another 500 rupees. Like Shaomi, Realmeo Recently Realm has increased the price of its models, including the C25. Vivo a few weeks ago Vivo Y1S And Vivo Y12S Prices were raised

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