The ‘QR Code’ feature could be added to WhatsApp soon, learn about it

WhatsApp, Facebook’s instant messaging app, is preparing to launch a new feature on its Android app soon. WhatsApp is working on a new QR code shortcut feature. A while ago, a report said that WhatsApp is working on giving QR code buttons in its app. This feature was first published in November last year, and the feature is not yet available for the beta tester. Other apps like LinkedIn and Instagram are already offering QR code based features.

WhatsApp Beta Tracker posted by WabetaINfo Tweets Accordingly, the QR code shortcut has been given in the Android version of WhatsApp Beater 2.19.189. The screenshot appears to contain only the QR code, as well as hints that WhatsApp users will be able to scan and share the QR code.

A glimpse of the “QR Code Shortcut” found in the beta version of WhatsApp Android
Photo credit: Twitter / WBETINFO

It is said that WhatsApp may enable this feature in the future though this feature has not yet appeared in the latest version of WhatsApp Beta. In November last year, the company was first published “Share contact information via QR” feature Working Using this feature, users will be able to easily and quickly share their own information (contact information) via QR code.

It was said in May that the feature is part of the beta version of WhatsApp Android 2.19.151, but it has not yet been released to the user. In beta version 2.19.151 of WhatsApp, the status was also reflected in the Facebook Store.

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