The Realm Narjo 30 series with 5G support will be launched in India in late February with gaming accessories

According to the latest report, Realm Narjo 30 series may be launched in India at the end of February. Let me tell you, Realm has already confirmed that its new lineup will be launched in India soon, but the company has not revealed the name of the upcoming model at the moment. However, according to some reports, it could be the Realme Narzo 30 series which includes the regular Realme Narzo 30 as well as Realme Narzo 30 Pro and Realme Narzer 30A smartphones. The reality is that Norzo is also reportedly planning to bring some gaming accessories with the 30 lineup.

MySmartPress cites people involved in the case Report It has been reported that the Realm Narzo 30 series could be launched between February 21 and February 28 in the last week of February.

There is speculation in the Realm Narjo 30 series that a model of it could knock with 5G support. It could be the Realm Norjo 30 Pro.

Let me tell you, last week, Realmy India CEO Madhav Seth Information Given that their new 5G phone will be launched in India. Some time ago the company released the retail box of Narzo 30. Design Was presented in front of users.

Realm has Chinese certification site TenaA with phone model number RMX 3161 List Happened. It was then believed that it would be a Realm Narzo 30 Pro phone. The phone is said to have a quad rear camera setup and a 6.5-inch display.

In addition, tipstar Han Shan Agarwal shared on Twitter that Realm will provide the Narjo 30 series as well as gaming accessories in the country. This accessory can be gaming mouse and mousepad etc.

Reality launched the Narzo series in May last year

Reality Narjo series The beginning Last May, when the agency Realm Narjo 10 And Norjo 10a The smartphone was launched. The Realm Narjo 20 series was launched in September 2020 Realm Narjo 20, Realm includes the Narzo 20 Pro and the Narzo 20A smartphones.

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