The shrimp app maker’s website claims to contain malware

The shrimp app is rapidly gaining popularity in recent days and especially since the Tiktok ban in India. Now a new piece of information has surfaced, claiming that the website of Spark app maker Globesoft has been infected with malware. The claim was made by the famous French security researcher Robert Baptist, who runs an account on Twitter in the name of Elliott Alderson. Baptist posted on Twitter: (translation) “The Chicari app has been compromised with the website of the developer Globusoft as an Indian alternative to TickTock.” He said that there is a malware script on all the pages of the site which takes the user to different pages of different websites. At the time of writing, Spark’s team did not respond to a request for comment.

However, Sumit Ghosh, co-founder of Shrimp, tweeted on Twitter Post Done: (translation) “Thank you for letting me know about the WP issue. Spark was introduced under Globesoft and was created by us. Spark did not compromise on the security of the app / website and our users in any way. Gone. We have He added “There is a very separate security / engineering team behind the Globesoft website and shrimp apps, and the completely irrelevant Sp Spark will soon be a separate entity.”

Baptist key Post Accordingly, a drop script has been entered to redirect users to the site and a Report Includes where redirects go. Another Twitter user reacts to Baptist (Citizen, whose bio says he is a UI developer) Wrote BitDefender found the cryptojacking malware on Globesoft’s website. Also, using the site checks of the Website Security Service, they have discovered that a lot of malware has been found on the website. Gadgets 3 360 searched for it on its own, and after testing it on several websites, including Spark’s website, it was found that the warning only came from the Globesfoft site.

It should be noted that the presence of this malware does not indicate any problem in the Spark application, although Baptist wrote in his last post on the subject that ‘it raises questions’.

The Spark app was released on Google Play and the App Store and it was until last week More than two and a half million downloads Was done. This free app bears a lot of resemblance to TickTock, but reviews on Google Play have described the app as slow as well as showing a few videos and crashing periodically. It seems that the app is getting a lot of support as it is made in India. A review of Google Play states, “Translated by Indian developers for promotion, but still has a long way to go in the mainstream compared to TickTalk.”

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