The TrueClear application has reported major errors without permission, its users have signed up to pay

Many users on Twitter have complained that True Caller is signing up for their UPI payment service Truecaller Pay without their permission. Following user complaints, the company issued a statement in its defense stating that a bug had been found in the latest version of the app which was affecting the features of the payment.

True Caller further explained that this is a bug and we have closed this version of the app so that other users no longer suffer from this problem. The company apologized and said that this version did not pass our standard. After receiving complaints from users, the company took immediate action and released a new version to fix the issue.

For all users affected by this issue, the new version has been released with a fix and you will receive the update shortly. Users will be able to re-register by going to the app’s menu section until the update is received. This morning a Twitter user tagged True Caller and company officials saying he received a text message on the phone that True Caller tried to register in a bank account for his payment service.

Since the complete setup requires manually entering the UPI PIN and other information, no one’s registration is complete. However the user still gets the message that your registration for the UPI application has started, if you do not do this then inform the bank about it. Users reported the problem on Twitter after receiving the message.

According to the company, version 10.41.6 of True Caller for Android was released on July 24, which revealed a problem with self-registration. The company shut down version 10.41.6 by releasing a new version of the issue on the Google Play Store.

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