The wallpaper customization feature is coming to WhatsApp, it looks like …

WhatsApp is regularly working on various changes to the wallpaper section of the chat, including several customization options. Older reports say that these days WhatsApp is working on the ability to set different wallpapers in different chats. A preview of this feature has been seen in the latest beta, so you can see what this feature will look like after launch. WhatsApp will give users the option to set wallpapers so that they can set wallpapers for a specific chat or they can wallpaper all chats at once. This option will appear in the new wallpaper section in the future.

The new WhatsApp beta update for Android users has been released through the Google Play Beta program. WhatsApp Tracker WABetaInfo Searched this update code to get a glimpse of upcoming wallpaper features.

According to WWITINFO, when users go to wallpaper settings to set new wallpapers in chat, WhatsApp will provide them with two options. This will ask users if they want to use the selected wallpaper for one chat or all chats. If users set the wallpaper for only one chat, only the selected chat wallpaper will change. In other chats you will only see old wallpapers. Where a selected wallpaper will be set to all chats after selecting the option for ‘All chats’. Just change the wallpapers of chats that already have a custom wallpaper set.

Tracker says that this new wallpaper feature is currently in the works, which will be received with future updates. This means that even if you are in the latest beta, you will not be able to take advantage of this new feature right now. Apart from these, other changes that WhatsApp is working on include the ability to change the opacity of the wallpaper.

Notably, recently, WhatsApp launched a new animated sticker. Pack The default sticker has been added to the list, named Usagiyun. This sticker pack contains white cartoon characters, expressing various emotions through stickers such as happiness, sorrow, love etc. feat I tell you, this animated sticker pack has been created by Quan Inc. and now it has gone live for all the new beaters of Android.

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