There will be a feature on WhatsApp that will release messages like Good Morning!

Now you can get forward to WhatsApp like Good Morning and Spam Messages soon. WhatsApp has been seen testing a feature so that you can see the forwarded message by typing ‘forward’. This means that if you don’t like forwarded messages like Good Morning, Good Night, you can get relief. WhatsApp’s update tracker, this feature has been noticed by WABTFNO. It is claimed that this feature is available for Android v 2.18.67 version in WhatsApp beta.

With that, let us tell you that the sticker feature has now been released in the WhatsApp beta for Android. It first came for Windows Phone. Both of these features are disabled by default. According to the website, if a user receives a forwarded message on WhatsApp, information about him will be given.

Let us know that WhatsApp has recently introduced the group description feature in beta versions of Android and Windows Phone. No code is required to enable this feature, it will be automatically visible to the user. This will allow any member of the group to edit the details. However later it may be confined to the administrator.

The word limit for this description is 500. It has been added to make the public group more interesting and intuitive. Please note that in 2016, WhatsApp added a chat invitation feature to it. Earlier this month, WABTFIN also saw TOS in the Android beta. WhatsApp data can be shared on Facebook.

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