These 25 apps have been stolen from your Facebook data, deleted from the Google Play Store: Report

Google has removed 25 apps from its Google Play Store that were caught stealing users’ Facebook data. According to French cyber-security firm Avina, these apps have been downloaded more than two and a half million times in total. The applications provided a lot of funnelity, although they used the same method to extract user data. Some apps have been available in the Google Store for more than two years, eventually being removed by cyber security agencies.

Avina broke the news to him Blog post And it was the first ZD Net to publish Report It’s perfect. Google removed the app in June after the cyber security agency learned of a potential threat in May this year. Most of these applications were designed for wallpapers and provide other video editing tools and flashlight flashlight tools. Apps like Super Wallpaper, Flashlight and PadNetF have been downloaded more than 5 million times on Google Play.

According to Avina, once users open these apps on their smartphones, they know which apps users have recently opened and which apps are currently open on the phone. The cyber security agency said that if the Facebook app is open on the phone, the malware will launch a browser that loads Facebook at the same time. The browser will appear on the screen, making you think the app has launched it.

Once users enter their Facebook login information on this fake page, the app sends this login information to a remote server. This can help hackers gain access to all the data stored in your Facebook account or even to other websites where users have logged in with their Facebook account.

Avina, however, did not elaborate on how this app has been avoiding the attention of Google’s Play Security service for so long. A complete list of these malicious Android apps by Avina Website Has been listed.

Zednet quoted the cyber-security agency as saying that all 25 apps were created by the same group.

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