These three new features have been added to Google Maps, it will be your job

Google recently added three new features to Google Maps. One of the new features associated with Google Maps is to help people who travel by public transport. After checking the live traffic status on the route, you will get the average travel time on the public bus and the live status of the train if the train is late. The third feature is mixed-mode navigation, this feature will provide the user with the best route information when they need to switch to auto-rickshaw while traveling.

Real-time bus travel information

Soon you will be able to get information on Google Maps about how long it will take you to travel by bus. It will track the states of live traffic on the route. If there is a delay, the user will see a red message, which will give you information about how much delay will occur due to traffic on the way.

For public information, let us know that the message will appear in green if not too late. The feature will initially be available only in Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Mumbai, Mysore, Pune and Surat.

Live train states

On Google Maps, users can see the live status of the train, as well as whether the train is running late. It is worth noting that this feature will only work for long distance train travel. Google’s official blog post states that the feature was created in collaboration with ‘Where’s My Train’.

Mixed-mode navigation with autorickshaw recommendations

This feature has been specially designed for those who live and change daily in autos, metros and autos. This feature lets you know which station to stop at or when to stop and when to take an autorickshaw. Google Maps will also tell you other important information such as estimated car rental.

Currently this feature is for users living in Delhi and Bangalore, this feature will also be available in other cities in India. We saw these three features in the latest version of Google Maps Android 10.17.2 and in beta. However, it seems that these features are not yet live.

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