These two new features may come to WhatsApp soon

Looks like WhatsApp will have two new features soon. WhatsAppBinInfo provided this information. The advantage of switching a call between them. Users can now switch between a video or a voice call. Recording voice messages will be easier once the second feature arrives. Both features have come in WhatsApp’s Android beta app. However the feature is currently hidden and not available to every user.

First let’s talk about the video-voice call application switch. WhatsApp to test this feature The news first came in July. This feature allows users to easily switch between video and voice calls without having to disconnect existing calls. Now WhatsAppBINFO reports that internal testing of this feature is underway.

If a user flips the switch, it does not mean that the user will convert from a direct voice call to a video call. For this to happen, another person’s approval is also required on the call.

On the other hand, testing is being done on a new function for the voice message button on WhatsApp. In the Android Beta app, users will see a toggle after starting to record voice messages. Toggles allow users to switch to locked voice message recording. That way, the user’s hand won’t be busy recording messages.

The ‘Delete for All’ feature was officially launched on WhatsApp this month. With this feature, users can delete a sent message in 7 minutes. After that, the sender will not be able to read it.

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