This app from IIT Roorkee will detect the corona virus suspect

COVID-19 means a nationwide campaign to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Everyone is trying to spread the virus in their own way. Governments are trying their best to prevent the virus from spreading, with people like you and us sitting at home. At the same time, some people are coming forward to help advance government efforts. One of them is Professor Kamal Jain of the Department of Civil Engineering at IIT Roorkee. Kamal Jain has created a tracking mobile app that will help track corona virus suspects.

Kamal Jain says that this tracking system helps in monitoring during COVID-19. In order to facilitate quarantine management, it issues warnings and prevents the agency from collecting traffic jams anywhere.

This application can track a person. He prepared the geofence for this. This app automatically issues a warning if that isolated person tries to cross Geofence. In addition to live tracking, this app allows administrators to monitor the history of each individual movement.

In addition to GPS data, if the Internet does not work properly, isolation can also be detected through individual individual location messages.

Other features of this app include multi-camera support, surveillance magnetic device, hot time and auto camera click.

Professor Ajit K Chaturvedi, Director, IIT-Roorkee, said, “We are committed to supporting the government’s efforts at this unprecedented time. This measure will greatly assist in the search and monitoring of CVD-19 suspects.”

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