This country is setting up 1,500 ATMs to buy bitcoin and convert cash!

The world has yet to fully embrace cryptocurrency as the company plans to set up a cryptocurrency ATM in a country in El Salvador in Central America, Bitcoin ATM company Athena told Bitcoin. Million dollar (approximately .4.4 crore) investment especially where residents receive remittances from abroad. Let me tell you that Athena Bitcoins will give people the opportunity to buy Bitcoin or convert cash through their ATMs. Of course this news could prove to be the best news of the year for the country’s cryptocurrency investors.

News agency Reuters reports that Athena Bitcoin Key has clearly stated that you can do things like buy or sell their ATM Bitcoin at cash. Talking about the business, let me tell you that the price of Bitcoin in India was around Rs 226 lakh at the time of writing.

The firm could set up about 1,000 ATMs as well as gradually recruit employees and open an office in El Salvador, the report said. If you’re wondering how it is possible to convert cryptocurrencies into cash through the country’s ATMs, El Salvador became the first country to accept bitcoin as a legal tender this month. However, this step will be effective in September 2021.

Matthias Goldenhorn, director of the Latin American operations firm, said the company had ordered the installation of 1,000 ATMs in the country’s president, Naib Buckley, and as a private company, he promised to do the job properly in the country.

A year ago, Athena installed its first cryptocurrency ATM on El Jont Beach in El Salvador, about 49 kilometers southwest of the capital San Salvador. It was established as part of a test called Bitcoin Beach aimed at turning the city into the world’s first bitcoin economy.

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