This feature of user work will be added to Google Maps soon

Google Maps is preparing to provide its users with a new tool in the app that will display information on upcoming flights and hotel reservations during the journey. For people’s information, let us know that you’ll find a new reservation tab in the ‘Your Location’ section. In addition to these, the availability of the live view feature is also expanding.

Let’s talk about the new reservation feature first. Under the reservation tab on Google Maps, you’ll be able to see flights and hotel reservations in one place. To find the Reservation tab, click on the three dot menu on the left side of Google Maps. Next, go to ‘Your Place’, here you will see the Reservation tab. This will show you information related to the upcoming trip.

One special thing is that this feature also works offline, Google said that this feature will be released for Android and iOS platforms in the coming weeks. Following the announcement of I / O 2019, Google introduced the Live View feature for Pixel phones worldwide in May of this year. Now the company is releasing beta for Android and iOS devices starting this week that support Arcore and ARKit.

The newly updated timeline feature has also been introduced, it will not only show your previous places but also divide them into categories like restaurants, shops, hotels and airports. You can then export the preferred locations to the preferred list. The updated timeline feature will be available to all Android users in the coming weeks. So far, no information has been found about when this updated feature will be released for iOS devices.

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