This feature will get rid of the addiction of Facebook and Instagram

People spend a lot of time on the social media platforms Facebook and Instagram, if you are also worried about this, an important piece of information has come out. If you or your kids spend a lot of time on social media, say that Facebook and Instagram recently issued a statement saying that now you will be able to control it. According to media reports, the ‘Your Time on Facebook’ and ‘Your Activities’ tools will appear on Instagram.

Facebook has announced that the company is coming up with a new tool so that people can manage the time they spend on both platforms. The dashboard provided in the tool will help the user discover how much time they have spent in the app.

Just as there are data restriction options available on smartphones, there will also be a limitation option on this tool on Facebook and Instagram. Users can set a time limit and then the tool will alert the user when the time is up. Please note that you can use Facebook and Instagram to increase or remove this limit if you wish.

It is said that this feature will be added to Facebook and Instagram soon. Facebook and Instagram mute notifications will also be updated with this feature. This feature allows users to enable silent push notifications. There have been a lot of changes on Facebook in recent times. Especially with the content. Now on this social media platform, users are given priority to post to their friends and family on the newsfeed.

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