This feature will soon be available on Google Maps, and will be easier to find

Google has given the new update a ‘gift’ to Google Map users. Google has made Maps more helpful and new at Google’s annual conference. Now, depending on the location, users will also get other suggestions, so that Google Maps users do not have to read the problem. These features include many important features such as new tabs, food and beverage outlets and group planning. Let’s take a look at the features that Google Maps has provided to the user:

New AR mode

Google has announced the AR feature, which will make it easier to understand the way maps are made. This will help the user to create walking directions, arrows, landmarks, maps and possibly an animated one. It features a Street View powered navigation, which will create a 3D environment using the camera. The company says that with this visual positioning system, users will be able to easily identify landmarks and take the right path.

New Explore tab

With the new Explore tab, users will be able to see all their favorite places around the location. The tab will start displaying users activities, restaurants, coffee shops, events and other popular lists. This advice will be given to the user based on the local guide.

Match venue

With the help of machine learning power and collected data, this service will inform the user about the menu etc. The service will be easy to know the menu of selected food or drink. These places will also be places you visited before or will be explored with the help of maps.

Group planning
Google Maps will soon introduce a new group planning feature, which will allow users to share plans with other members. You have to press long on that place, group members have to vote on it. After the finals, Google Maps will book it for you. Cabs can also be booked here for that venue.

‘For you’ tab

The new feature for you will allow the user to customize your trending spaces. Users can follow selected locations or dining spots. In it, the ‘For You’ tab will show users options for matching, trending, newly opened and popular places.

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