This ‘game’ message was deleted, WhatsApp’s feature has been improved

WhatsApp has improved the ‘Delete for all’ feature by secretly providing the ‘Block Review Request’ feature for the user. Some people have complained that they are abusing the ‘delete for some people’ feature. Be careful to delete the message in the latest WhatsApp beta (Android) version 4,096 seconds The limit was set. For Windows Phone users, this limit was set 7 minutes ago. In fact, allegations were made that some users were abusing the extended limit to delete messages due to a bug. Some of them were not even the actual sender of the message.

It has been found that some users started deleting messages 3 years old. Some of these users were deleting messages from others. Now, the ‘Block Review’ feature has been improved. For the iPhone, WhatsApp has now changed the amount of message deletion to 1 hour, 8 minutes 16 seconds.

Wabita According to the data, WhatsApp changed the algorithm and gave the withdrawal request feature. Now the message will match the ID, then the message will be checked according to the current date, but it will be possible to delete it from to, that is, from the number with which the message was created. This change will reserve the right to delete messages and people will not be able to take this feature incorrectly. The updated version of WhatsApp for the iPhone will now be 2.118.31, after which users will be able to take advantage of the 1 hour 8 minutes 16 seconds limit. It also includes the feature of creating a separate ‘house’ for conversation. Just like other messaging apps.

To download the new version, go to Apple’s App Store. With all Dr. It is said that many bugs have been fixed in the new version so that the users do not face any problem.

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