This is because you can’t send any messages to the WhatsApp group.

Last week This news came That ‘Send Message’ permission feature is being introduced in the WhatsApp group. This feature is being updated to be part of the latest Android (beta) and iPhone apps. Then, on Friday, WhatsApp officially announced the official rollout of this feature. This feature allows a WhatsApp group administrator to stop sending messages to other members of the group. This feature is now available in stable versions of Android and iPhone. The new ‘Send Messages’ tab is version 2.18.70 of the iPhone app and Android Available at

WhatsApp Blog post “Today we are introducing a new group setting where only administrators can send messages to a group. Schools, communities and groups with important information felt the need for this feature, where administrators can use one-way messages. The feature wanted to continue the dialogue.” , Will be available for iPhone and Windows Phone.

To use this feature, you must be an administrator of the WhatsApp group. Then open the WhatsApp group. Now go to Group Info> Group Settings> Tap on Send Message. Clicking on it will bring up two options. All participants – After clicking on it, all members of this group will be able to send messages. Only the admin selected group will allow the administrator to send messages only. Changes to settings will be notified to the group via a broadcast message. If the Only Administrator option is selected, the message “Only administrators can send messages” will appear.

There is also an option to edit group information in group settings. This support allows administrators to decide if all group members can edit group decryption. Both features can be accessed if the group has a single administrator.

Group Admin Control for WhatsApp was first published in May. At this point, the group administrator was given the group decryption facility and the right to change the icon. Also, group administrators may reduce the rights of other members.

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