This is how a screen sharing feature like Zoom In Facebook Messenger will work

Facebook Messenger has introduced a new feature called Screen Sharing which is available for both Android and iOS users. This feature can be used in mobile applications as well as web and desktop messenger rooms. Previously this feature was also available on the video calling platform Zoom. Like Zoom, now Messenger users can share their mobile and desktop screens with their friends in Instant Messenger. However, the app users can share the screen with only 8 people in a video call, while the users supporting Messenger Room can share the screen with 16 people at once. Earlier this month, news came that Facebook was working on integrating Messenger with WhatsApp these days.

Sharing new screens Features With Facebook Messenger, users can share their phone screen with their friends and family. With this feature, users can share live footage of everything they’re doing on their phones at the moment. About this feature, Facebook says it will “keep you connected to your loved ones” despite being away from each other.

Group video calls in Messenger applications add up to 8 people at once. At the same time, 16 people can be added together in the form of messenger.

However, with the announcement of this feature, Facebook also announced that soon it will increase the number of people in the screen sharing features, then you screen the feature with 50 people, not just with 8 and only 16 people. In addition to these, Facebook is also planning to add a control feature, which will allow house builders to decide whether they want to limit this screen share feature to themselves or allow other participants to do the same. I want to pay.

I tell you, early July News Facebook is reportedly working on the integration of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. After its rollout, the chat facility will be available on these two messaging platforms. However, there is no clear information on how Facebook completes this integration plan without compromising on data encryption and user protection.

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