This is how Randeep Huda got ready for Netflix’s action-thriller extraction

Bollywood actor Randeep Huda has made his debut on Netflix with ‘Extraction’. The film stars Randeep Hooda in the lead role of Chris Hemsworth, better known as ‘Thor’. Not only Randeep Huda but also Pankaj Tripathi has an important role in this film. This flashy action film from Netflix with Janardar Starcast has been released today i.e. April 24th. Randeep Huda was earlier known for playing ‘Highway’, where he played a kidnapper. He also did a biopic of ‘Sarabjit Singh’, in which he became Saberjit who accidentally crossed the Indian border into Pakistan and was imprisoned by Pakistan for two decades for espionage. Even after all these characters, seeing him starring with Chris Hemsworth in ‘Extraction’ is certainly not less than treating his fans.

Randeep Hooda’s character in Extraction is action-based. In ‘Highway’ where his character was kidnapper, in this film also his character revolves around kidnapping. However, in this film, he does not kidnap anyone but is seen solving the kidnapping case. The Hooda character in the film is named Saju Rao, who is a part of the Army Special Forces. He has been tasked with searching for the abducted son of India’s largest drug mafia (Pankaj Tripathi). Randeep Hooda’s character is full of action in this Netflix movie, but when he was auditioning for this movie, he was not told the whole truth.

In a phone interview with Gadgets3360, Randeep Huda told how he was called to Ahmedabad three weeks before the shooting, when he was not told what kind of action training he would be given.

When Randeep Huda met the film’s director Sam Haragway, he understood what was happening to him. Let me tell you, Sam was a stunt coordinator in several Marvel Cinematic Universe chapters. The story of the abduction revolves around those who try to save the abducted child of an Indian drug dealer (Pankaj Tripathi).

Randeep spoke about how he was trained for his lifting work. The director taught him how to hold his body, where to keep his weight, where to bend his knees, where to jump, etc. while giving him an action class. Within three weeks, he was intimately acquainted with each action. Weapon training was conducted after both actors re-memorized the action sequences. Huda said the entire team of the film took 4 months to prepare the 12-minute action scene of the film.

Huda said he had done an action scene for Bollywood before, but it was his first international experience which was quite spectacular.

Huda also mentioned the precautions taken when sharing his experience. Huda said security was also taken care of before the action scene was filmed.

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