This is how the Delete Message feature in the Facebook Messenger app works

In April of this year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s message erupted after many Facebook users’ inboxes were removed without any information. Many Facebook users questioned the transparency of the platform. To quell the uproar, Facebook confirmed at the time that the signature message feature would be introduced in the future. Now the company has introduced this feature in its messenger app. A few screenshots of this feature were shared last month, after which discussions about making this feature part of the instant messaging chat application intensified.

The new Unsend feature has been launched in Poland, Bolivia, Colombia and Lithuania. In these countries, this feature is available in Messenger’s Android and iOS applications. A Facebook spokesperson told TechCrunch that the feature will soon be available to Messenger users around the world. The ‘Remove for All’ feature allows users to delete any sent message within 10 minutes. Users will be able to delete sent text, group chats, videos and photos if they wish. After 10 minutes, you will only be able to use the ‘Remove for you’ feature. The message here will be deleted but only for you.

TechCrunch Report According to Kat Chui, Facebook’s PR manager, the company said it would keep a personal copy for some time after the message was deleted, so that a report against the message could be investigated.

To use the unsent feature, you need to press and hold the message you want to delete. After that, the ‘Move for All’ and ‘Move for You’ options will pop up on the screen. A warning will now appear on the screen telling you to permanently delete the message for all chat members. They will see that you have deleted the message and are still complaining about it. “” As soon as you read this warning, you will confirm that the message will be deleted.

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