This is how the ‘mute’ button on the WhatsApp Android app works …

Last week, news came that WhatsApp had begun testing the ‘Mark As Read’ and ‘Mute’ buttons. With the advent of these features, users will be able to take the necessary steps from the notification panel as soon as a new WhatsApp message arrives. Now Facebook’s instant messaging platform has activated the silent button on its latest WhatsApp Android beta app. As soon as you receive more than 51 messages from a contact, this button will be activated in the notification. WhatsApp, on the other hand, is set to add a sticker preview to start testing stickers on its platform. It is noteworthy that for the first time at the F8 Developers Conference on Facebook, information was brought about bringing stickers to WhatsApp soon.

Speaking of the mute button on WhatsApp, Android users can use it when they receive more than 51 messages from a single contact at any one time. This will enable you to mute that user’s message and you don’t have to open WhatsApp to do so. This will only be possible from the notification panel. It is available next to the ‘Reply to’ button in the notification panel.

WABetaInfo report Accordingly, the mute button is part of the WhatsApp beta version 2.18.216. However, Gadgets 360 has discovered that this button is also available in the new WhatsApp beta version. We were able to use this feature in the beta version of WhatsApp at 2.18.218. The latest beta version can be downloaded from Google Play.

The mute button is made available to everyone using the WhatsApp Beta Android app. However, the Mark As Red button has not yet been released for beta candidates. WhatsAppBINFO claims that the Read button as a mark allows users to red-mark any message from the notification panel. There is no need to open WhatsApp for this.

WhatsApp has released the sticker preview by rotating the mute button. According to WABetaInfo, it is part of the WhatsApp beta version 2.1118.218, but the stickers will be available to the general public in the near future. It further states that information about the updated sticker pack will be given via the green dot on the ‘+’ button. In addition to these there will be an update button, which allows users to download a sticker pack together by tapping once.


WABetaInfo’s Tweets Two sticker packs are visible in it. These are Bibimbap Friends and Anchi and Roly. These may be part of the initial introduction. It is possible that the stickers on WhatsApp are brought directly from Facebook Messenger. In the end, both applications belong to the same company.

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