This person was tricked by Google Maps, jammed the empty road

One person easily fooled Google Maps with his intellect. If a video seen on YouTube is believed to be true, a Berlin-based artist threw Google Maps in such a way that Google Maps showed traffic jams even on empty tracks. Explain that Google Maps not only shows maps of places around the world, but also shows the state of traffic on the roads. Even in most of its ads, the company advises people to use Google Maps for live traffic information. But maybe you don’t know that the Google Maps system is not completely accurate and it can be further enlightened. Yes, one such person from Berlin showed it. The man, described as an artist, left 99 smartphones on the streets of Berlin and caused a fake traffic jam on the streets of Berlin.

Berlin-based Simon Wakert posted a video of the feat (see below) on his YouTube account. The video shows him carrying 99 smartphones in a small cart in front of Google’s office and on a few streets in Berlin. The 99 smartphones in his hand cart run at the same time at slow speeds Google Maps The road showed traffic jams while the road was completely empty.

Google Maps calculates the smartphone data of the users inside the trains on the route and displays the traffic status on the route accordingly. These data include the speed of the vehicle and the number of smartphones on that route

If a number of smartphones run at a slower pace on a route, Google displays slower traffic in this area. If the number of smartphones is too high and the speed of trains is too low, the traffic jams in that area are shown on the map. Google shows the status of traffic through color. If the traffic is clear then the green line is present and in case of slow speed orange color and if there is traffic jam then the red line is present.

Wickert’s video shows that the color of the street first appeared green, and when he circled the slow motion on that road with 99 smartphones, the color changed from green to dark red on the map. Wickert did not share too much information about this strategy. In that case, this video cannot be considered completely reliable. But if this video is true, then Google should pay attention to it and fix the system.

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