This popular app removed from the Google Play Store is not installed on your phone

Camscanner App: Do you have Camscanner app installed on your smartphone? If so, our today’s news is especially for you. The security of this popular application is now in question. Camscanner has been removed from the Google Play Store, this application is used to convert document photos to PDF format. The mamware (virus) was found in the Camscanner app, then the app was immediately removed from the Google Play Store.

Kaspersky researchers Conclusion Accordingly, the recently published versions of Camscanner are bringing to the ad library, which contains a dangerous module. This dangerous Trojan-dropper module has been identified as “Trojan-Dropper.AndroidOS.NECRO.N” before running

The resource link module known as the dropped module has been seen as a Trojan downloader to download another dangerous module. For people’s information, let us know that the app has been downloaded more than 100 million times from the Google Play Store.

Kaspersky researchers prefer the latest dropper to the latest version of the Camscanner application I saw, They reported it and then immediately the app from the Play Store Removal Has been accepted. However, different phones will have different versions of the app, some of which may contain malicious code in the resource file. In that case, if the app comes to the Play Store, it is better to uninstall the app and then download it.

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