This special feature added to the MyGio app will now be able to store photos and videos

Reliance has updated the Maizio application to bring Geo Jai Cloud integration. With Cloud Access, users will be able to save photos, documents and media content directly from the My Jio app. The Jio Cloud app is available for both Android and iOS devices. There is also a web version of Geo Cloud. With the updated My Geo application, users can set, deactivate or listen to the available Geo tunes.

A separate Jio Cloud section can be found in the updated My Geo app for Android and iOS devices. The purpose behind adding this new feature is that users can easily back up photos, videos, documents and media content using the MyGeo app. Reliance Geo is providing 5GB storage in Geo Cloud for users accessing the cloud through the My Geo application.

Once backed up, the data stored in the Geo Cloud will be accessible via any Android and iOS device or web. Also, the application will display the remaining storage in the cloud. With the updated My Geo application, users can now access Geo Tune and deactivate new caller tunes or existing caller tunes. Several bugs have been fixed.

Android users have updated my jio application to version 5.0.27 Google Play IOS users latest version 5.0.11 App Store Note that the app has a digital assistant for users of Reliance Jio. Get started Did. Geo Sarathi is designed to simplify the process of digital recharge. Reliance Geo Assistant has integrated the My Geo app, which will make the digital recharge process easier for the user.

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