This special feature can come in WhatsApp on Android

Facebook’s instant messaging app WhatsApp may soon release a new update keeping in mind the convenience of its Android users. This new update will make it easier to send audio files to people close to you and your friends. The company is working to change the way audio files are sent. Currently only one audio file can be sent at a time but this limit can be increased to 30 after the update.

This means that after the new update, users will be able to send up to 30 audio files at once. After redesigning the section, users will be able to preview and preview the image before sending the audio file. After this new update, Android users will be able to send more audio files at the same time than before. For human information, let us know if this feature is currently in beta.

Photo credit: Twitter / WBETINFO

Created by WABetaInfo Tweets Accordingly, the redesigned audio file section is part of WhatsApp Better Android version 2.19.1. A photo was also shared with the tweet. By looking at the image you will get an idea of ​​how the method of sending audio files after the update will be different from the current method.

WhatsApp for Android users last month Image-in-Picture (PIP) feature Was released. This feature will open a small window in the app itself, where Instagram, Facebook and YouTube videos can be viewed. After Android users WhatsApp web user Picture for Picture mode was also launched last month. Hopefully the company can release this feature for Android users soon.

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