Tick ​​tock if you use it, be careful!

Two developers of TickTock have claimed that the company uses secure networks to transmit its data storage, putting the privacy of TickTock users at risk. It’s both iOS developers and they say that TickTock “uses insecure HTTP to download media content to endanger users’ privacy. Explain in simple terms when going to HTTP, if unencrypted traffic is insecure, hackers can easily track that data and even change it.” This means that hackers can access TickTock users’ data, including their browsing history.Let us know that the company has not responded to TickTock at this time due to security breaches by both developers.

The TickTock app recently surpassed 1 billion numbers in the Google Play Store with 100 billion downloads. If this fact of negligence in the protection of both developers is true, then it is clear that the privacy of billions of people is under threat at the moment.

One of the developers, Talal Haj Berry and Tommy Misk Blog post Because of the insecure use of HTTP, hackers can “replace the video shared by TickTock users with another video if they want to, even if the video is from a verified account, but the developers said that this neglect could leak users’ viewing history.”

In their blog post on security threats to Tiktok users, the developers further stated that Tiktok, like any other social media portal, relies on external servers or content distribution networks (CDNs) to provide its data storage. Could. The post states that TickTalk will select encrypted (unsafe) HTTP to transfer CDN video and other media data for

This simply means that anyone viewing this network traffic with this Wi-Fi router can easily read it from TickTalk’s servers and without any other video being detected by the users. Can change with.

The developers say that the reduction is currently running on a version of TickTock, including iOS version 15.5.6 and Android version 15.7.4.

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