Tiktok creators go to Instagram and YouTube after the app was banned

Tiktok has been banned in India. In such a situation the creators of this short video platform are asking their fans to join them on Instagram and YouTube. The TickTick app can no longer be downloaded from Apple’s App Store or Google Play. However, those who already have this application on their phone, now they are working. As such, some tic-tac-toe creators have created a video on how to use Instagram, as these creators now have no option but to change platforms but similarly, many tic-tac-toe users have broadcast live to their fans on this platform and asked them to join Instagram. Let me tell you, Monday night China‚Äôs Ministry of Electronics and Information, including Tiktok 59 apps have been banned in India Was. The government said in its order that the decision was a threat to India’s sovereignty and unity. Some TickTalk users are asking to join their YouTube.

The makers of the popular Tiktok have long provided details of their Instagram accounts on their Tiktok profiles. However, most of these users are only using the Facebook app as a promotional platform.

An anonymous TickTock creator told Gadgets360, “I haven’t used Instagram to post videos regularly yet, because access to our content on this platform is no less than a ticket to users.”

After being banned by the government, Titak creators have no choice but to change their mindset. Now these people have started using Instagram as the default platform.

Since the ban on Monday night, Tiktok creators have posted a video on their profile asking some of their followers to follow them on Instagram, with some creators even giving details of their YouTube channel. So that his fans stay connected with him through other platforms despite being banned.

Many Tiktoks are using Instagram to create impressive videos and follow them. In addition to this, the hashtag #tiktokban is showing more traffic to the ticket.

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