Tiktok is discriminating against its own users!

TickTock has millions of users worldwide, who create and share short videos without any topics and sometimes without any topics at all. The app continues to move up the list of trope apps in the global App Store, while the company is instructing its moderators to shut down “unusually shaped bodies” or “ugly” users. Not only that, but the guidelines issued by the company ask moderators to remove “beer belly” videos. Tick ​​Talk has been accused of sticking to content many times before, especially posts for disabled users. ByteDance, a company that owns the Tick Talk app, runs a number of popular websites and social applications.

A report from Intercept Citing internal sources, it is learned that Tick Talk has instructed its moderators not to put videos of ugly or grumpy people in their apps. The report further states that the policy of the organization also prohibits videos of poor people or people living in slums.

The report further states that only part of this discriminatory tick tock guideline has been leaked. The policy not only included guidelines for users of poor, ugly or abnormal organizations to block videos, but also guidelines for blocking Dibang and LGBT posts.

Tick ​​tock guidelines say poor narrators should be banned from video platforms. This leaked tic tac toe guideline also includes the removal of videos made from a broken wall of the house or an old looking house.

Tic Tac also made a statement about it. A spokesman for Tick Talk told The Intercept that the company had developed the policy only to protect users from bullying. It is also said that this national policy was once with the organization, but it is no longer used.

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