Tiktok responded to the ban, saying users do not share data with China

After the Tiktok ban, Tiktak finally reacted to this decision. Tiktok India chief Nikhil Gandhi said, “We have been invited to respond and clarify together with our concerned government partners.” He made it clear in his response that he did not share any information with the Chinese government. Let me tell you, the Indian government on Monday night ordered that 59 Chinese apps be banned in the country, after which the Ticktal app was removed from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. TickTal has been removed from the App Store list, so users who already have the app installed on their phone can still use it.

Nikhil Gandhi has confirmed the matter at the moment in a statement issued by Tiktak’s official social media handle. Bain The process of implementing the order is underway. Representatives of the agency will meet with government officials to discuss the matter and submit explanations. Nikhil Gandhi said that for TickTalk, user privacy and security will be primary and no compromise will be made with user data. Even if the Chinese government makes a request in this regard.

Gandhi said in his statement, “Ticketlock complies with all information privacy and security requirements under Indian law and no information about our Indian users is shared with any foreign government, including the Chinese government.” If we are asked to do so in the future, we will not do anything like this. For us, user privacy and integrity are paramount.

Gandhi further said that many millions of people depend on Tiktak for their lifestyle, many of these first time internet users.

Deleting a tick from the App Store means you will no longer receive any updates related to this application. However, if you already have an app, you can use it, but no new features or security changes will be made in the future.

In addition to TikTok, the Indian government has banned 56 Chinese apps in India, including Share It, UC Browser, Shine, Club Factory, Clash of King, Hello, MI Community, Camscanner, ES File Explorer, and Vimet. All of these applications were involved in such activities, which could pose a threat to the sovereignty and integrity of the country, the security of the country, the security of the state and public order.

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